HER AGAIN: Becoming Meryl Streep By Michael Schulman

Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep by Michael Schulman (Author) Print Length: 304 pages Publisher: Harper Collins (April 26 2016) “Her again “is exactly what I have said when watching the Academy Awards and Meryl Streep is nominated.  Michael Schulman crafts a fast paced look at Meryl Streep –from her childhood to the role that launched... Continue Reading →


YOUNG ORSON By Patrick McGilligan

YOUNG ORSON The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane By Patrick McGilligan 832 pages with two 16 page photo inserts Publisher: Harper Collins This was my second excursion into the world of Orson Welles and was by far the most comprehensive to date.  My previous experience was with Simon Callow’s... Continue Reading →


In the first part of this series I took a capsule look at the Studio System with a nod to the use of drugs in order to produce and package the huge amount of product. It was not a complete look as many smaller operations such as PARAMOUNT PICTURES, RKO and the Poverty Row companies... Continue Reading →

A is for ALDO RAY

  I recently facinated viewed gruff speaking Aldo Ray in  pseudo noir picture NIGHTFALL (1957) Directed by Jacques Tourneur . The way this fellow moved with economy of motion, stood tall, and what was so important in pictures of that day is that he wore his clothes well. Ray never actually played football but he... Continue Reading →


    Summers are wonderful times to enjoy pictures - some of which I enjoyed during the TCM SUMMER OF DARKNESS festival on Film Noir.  The rain felt warm, the dark was comforting, and dialogue was so sharp you could shave with it. There is morning even in a noir picture -however desolate. I recently... Continue Reading →


      When PVR was still the “stuff dreams are made of,” or there was a hotel chain by the name or a Steven Spielberg film with the title,  those of us that wanted to see a certain style of film had to wait for these pictures in the theatres. Read about them in... Continue Reading →


THE STUDIO GATES This is a slightly different look at the Hollywood myth - mainly because we are going to take a ‘hardboiled” look at some of the ideas that nostalgic sites gloss over. Not all sites do yet this is an important part of the Hollywood story.  Gloss over, just as the major studios... Continue Reading →


Hollywood was and still is filled with types - be they on the screen or not.  In fact, it was often remarked that you can expect anything to happen on Hollywood Blvd.  I remember making an inquiry in a bookshop only to have a person dressed in a red wool suit with Elvis side burns... Continue Reading →


Outside the lonely foreboding mansion, thunder booms and lightning flashes in the sky. The approaching storm illuminates the large, time-worn building where inside the heroine is about to enter a secret staircase. The door slides ominously open, revealing a staircase down into the neither regions of the house. She steps forward toward the opening-only to... Continue Reading →

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