These are some final thoughts from 2014  TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL that we were very lucky to have attended with media credentials. TCM festival goers stay for the end credits of a film. TCM audiences will often applaud the star of the film name on screen and their first appearance in the story; especially if... Continue Reading →


The next day at the festival was a hot as the weather yet still pretty cool for stuff to do. You have to make some choices in these things and sometime you guess wrong. Robert Osbourne gave us the anecdote that for years he had pushed the network to acquire the rights to a remake... Continue Reading →


  Things happen fast at a festival depending on pace that you set for yourself in the amount of films you wish to see. You can’t see everything.  The following are some first day rapid impressions from 2014 TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL I write this at a Hollywood party of sorts near people waiting for... Continue Reading →


I am beginning to feel a little like Merton Gill of the picture MAKE ME STAR  (1932) which featured an early role for Joan Blondell which was later remade as Merton of The Movies.  I did see this film a few days before leaving for this trip which made for interesting if not timely unplanned... Continue Reading →


STARDUST AND SHADOWS is lucky enough to be writing this entry from Santa Monica near the famous pier. It is still a number of days before the TCM FESTIVAL begins yet I still have time in this neck of the wood to find some film history.   First up , took a walk to the... Continue Reading →


It goes without saying that people watch pictures from the Classic Hollywood era for sheer enjoyment. l have discussed at length in posts the nostalgia factor and will continue to do so as l am a romantic at heart. I have been fortunate to attend the 2011 TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL, and while waiting for... Continue Reading →

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