I am beginning to feel a little like Merton Gill of the picture MAKE ME STAR  (1932) which featured an early role for Joan Blondell which was later remade as Merton of The Movies.  I did see this film a few days before leaving for this trip which made for interesting if not timely unplanned viewing.  I relate to it now since I am going to the  2014 TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL for the first time as a accredited member of the media.  I did not think  it would come about.

I am approaching this as Canadian in Hollywood’s Golden Age which in this case is who I am.  We have a very rich history here wich has been forgotten not that a single visit from me is going to change that. One is told to write what you know even if you don’t know it at the time. I think the brief visit I had to Annenberg beach house was a great warm up as it was a chance to chat with Phyllis Bernard.

What we did not have a chance to do was visit  the haunted eatery PATRICK’S ROAD HOUSE  which we did pass by thinking we would return. Like many places it has stories of Hollywood Stars most notably Arnold Schwarzenegger as a regular fixture when he was first into body building.  The place is also haunted by former owner who returns to check on the staff and customers. A former  boss is said to have fled after seeing  the original owner’s ghost glaring at him in a  doorway.

The other place we missed was a bit nebulous for some as it has changed greatly. Thought of going up the coast to find legendary Thelma Todd  Roadhouse.  Thelma owned the establishment  which was called aptly called THELMA TODD’S ROADSIDE CAFE   which opened in the thirties.  Todd’s guests included herself, show business people and  shady underworld characters which are said to have contributed to her death. Those were the days for some of creating mayhem outside the watchful eye of studios in Noir style of going down the highway of no return.


Todd was found in her garage in LA what was  said to have been carbon monoxide poisoning. It was ruled a  suicide after a cursory investigation by what was a ‘corrupt’ police force.   Thelma Todd, the great beauty was 29 years old. The case was quickly closed and remains so today.

These were some  cool places we missed but you can’t do it all.  Sometime being in the same area is as close as you get. The festival starts tomorrow.






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