This sequence from PICNIC (1956) Directed by Joshua Logan has  good use of layers on par  with Tennessee Williams Southern use of men, women and  relationships gone  wrong or  embittered.

This sequence has been called one of the “sexiest dances”  in the  movies.  Yes it has the look,  the  smoldering feel of something passing between the glances between Kim Novak and  William Holden.  I say that its  Rosalind  Russell that steals the scene as  she tosses herself recklessly demanding affection in spite of the  “Small town morals”.  This is setup with Holden later  dancing with Arthur O Connell at before Russell’s burst out. Her character of the  old maid school teacher Rosemary Sidney wants William Holden’s  Hal Carter so much that she is stung by even the affection shown to everyone else but her.



Susan Strasberg  performance as  younger Millie Owen’s:  the  ‘ugly sister”   to Kim Novak’s older  Madge Owens also take  the scene with her background reaction.  She  as  well is infatuated with Hal Carter yet she takes her place with a  broken heart.  Well crafted scene which is more  than what it is known  for which was  the  ‘dance”

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