THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES (1941) This picture Directed by Sam Wood for RKO STUDIOS is an odd film to view.  Not so much because of the  story which is of a Millionaire goes undercover at his own store to find the people responsible for hanging his effigy from a  street light as protest but  because of the main characters.... Continue Reading →

ALL THAT JAZZ (1979) STARDUST AND SHADOWS is currently enjoying the MAD  ABOUT MUSICALS free online course presented by Ball State University and  TCM.   In keeping with that theme, my brain went back to  the Bob Fosse Directed  film ALL THE JAZZ which perhaps will get mentioned in this course. ALL THAT JAZZ is a huge favorite of... Continue Reading →


No these are not screen shots from the latest Neo Noir thriller of today but images  from 1964 Japanese picture  CRUEL GUN STORY.   A stylistic heist film made  in response to the coming "Spy Craze"  ignited by  DR NO (1963)  and the subsequent ending of the  Classic Film Noir cycle  in the  early fifties.   ... Continue Reading →

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