THE  1940  musical/gangster comedy IT ALL CAME TRUE  featuring Ann Sheridan with Humphrey Bogart just on the cusp of  stardom is eclectic piece of  film making.  The picture also features Jeffrey Lynn is a departure from his regular 'Good guy" roles. It came from time when musicals were huge and this effort tried... Continue Reading →


Frank Borzage  directed  this MGM controversial Joan Crawford final pairing with Clark Gable in 1940. STRANGE CARGO is the  story of  Julia, cafe entertainer  played by Crawford who is fired  for  consorting with prisoner  Verne  who is played  by Gable who breaks into her rooms during an  escape attempt.   Later  along with a  group of... Continue Reading →

DR MONICA (1934)

STARDUST AND SHADOWS has a great affection for  Pre-code dramas as most watchers of these style of pictures have. Classic pre-code period being from 1925 to 1934 produced so deliciously seditious works before  the Hays code came into effect.  DR. MONICA made back in 1934 was  at the end of this cycle has two of... Continue Reading →

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