The ‘Other King of Hollywood” King Vidor

The style of Director King Vidor has fascinated in the way he handles story and actors. Vidor had  a long career beginning in 1913 all the way up to 1980 in a  variety of  genres yet always with a way of making actors and story fit well against a large backdrop such as  modern society or rural life.  THE  CROWD is a brilliant piece of  film making in general be it  silent or  sound.  The story of a  man and  woman trying to succeed in a  corporate  world   that   influenced  BRAZIL (1985)

Vidor also made  THE BIG PARADE(1928( which was one of  John Gilbert’s  finest performances in what was  one of  cinema’s pivotal War  films.

The  penultimate for many  was  the all black musical Hallelujah (1929)  showcasing  some brilliant song and dance but people  who simply would not have gotten a chance

This is  just a  capsule look at King Vidor’s contribution  to Hollywood.  Seeks his name  out on the  credits it is usually  displayed  well above  the  credits  in posters  and  on screen.   You will be engrossed, entertained  and intrigued  all the same time. Find  his  work  and watch  it  for  flow  and  story.

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