The Pre code era continues to delight when one finds hidden delights.  Sounds like a  tagline on a picture yet it is also what the  Wesley Ruggles Directed ARE THESE OUR CHILDREN (1932) is.  Its another drama  about  good  youth falling under the influence to turn against society however like most typical stories it is... Continue Reading →

MY WICKED WICKED WAYS: The Legend of Errol Flynn (1985)

Firstly I can say  that I am a  big Errol Flynn  fan who doesn't  think he  has gotten what he deserves   in terms of  recognition from Hollywood.   That doesn't  cloud me in thinking that everything a  "Star" did was correct or wonderful that it  deserves  to be  given its  due.   This Don Taylor  Directed MY... Continue Reading →


 These epic  pictures like ITS A MAD  MAD MAD  MAD  WORLD  (1965) also a  Stanley Kramer film  along with  HOW THE WEST WAS  WON (1962)  all make  for interesting watching.  Many things happen in these pictures or should happen that  make them special .    While  SHIP OF  FOOLS (1965) has been called  the  GRAND... Continue Reading →


Humphrey Bogart once said that the problem with the world is that it is always "a  few drinks behind". Vice has been an admirable subject of film.   We all pay to see a downfall or a redemption of some style.   Today that has changed for obvious shadowy reasons for the better. There are many destructive... Continue Reading →

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