The thirties saw the beginnings of country wide air travel for the chosen few who could afford it including stops for refueling was happening. The romance of air travel, airmail and travel in general with grand hotels built by railway and steamship companies with literally in the air for those that could. Hollywood did their... Continue Reading →

CINEMONDO series on Link TV

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ7wLs_IDGM&feature=youtu.be Link TV, the national independent non-commercial satellite television network, announced today the premiere of a new weekly international film series called CINEMONDO that brings cinema from around the world to foreign movie fans. The new weekly Link TV series will be one of the few destinations for cinephiles to watch quality foreign films that... Continue Reading →


The reckless, fast story of WILD BOYS OF THE ROAD made in the delightful precode late period of 1933 by William Wellman is wonderful if not under appreciated example of Warner Brothers (Actually First National) reading "today's headlines". This current approach was used even in advertising and publicity lending authenticity. Director Wellman shot the story... Continue Reading →


  Early weekend mornings or very late at night are the perfect time to watch a silent  film. You can treat yourself to images and music without crushing sound levels  calculated to raise awareness levels. One such recent morning I viewed the Swedish  Ghost Story picture  THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (1921) of which I was most... Continue Reading →


Film making of this style requires that something new be added to a story, not just in terms of CGI, but material not previously used from a source. Better yet, bring a story forward to today’s audience without sacrificing its integrity. The 1934 version of IMITATION OF LIFE with Claudette Colbert and the 1959 version... Continue Reading →

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