A while ago I came across  yet another biography of Humphrey Bogart titled TOUGH WITHOUT A GUN: THE LIFE AND THE EXTRAORDINARY AFTER LIFE OF HUMPHREY BOGART by Stefan Kanfer. It is a slim volume by Bogart biography standards clocking in at a mere 320 pages compared with others on the same subject. I had... Continue Reading →


Solid work can be timeless in its reach even be  out of  time.  I admit to getting that feeling that someone could be today when I look at a picture of Louise Brooks who is modern in her style, look and  facial expression especially those  eyes.  Strange  when you see a portrait of Brooks that... Continue Reading →


  Holidays are times that people love to watch the staple films of the season.  Every generation has their favorites they put on and quite frankly watch without thinking. The films can become like the poinsettia plant that someone brings you each year for no apparent reason other than they to  do the act. THE... Continue Reading →

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