Watching film which is supposed to be a 'World wide '  art form one can become centralized on the Hollywood model.     The  British have always done a  strong job with the  spy thriller as long as the maintain their essential "British flavor". There is a tone in their Television series  from  the sixties I.T.V... Continue Reading →


Love to drift back into pre code dramas of all types from the "Dangerous Horrors" of  THE MASK OF  FU MANCHU (1933)  to the  Warren William  pictures so this  trip into the hospital world of  EMERGENCY CALL(1933) was looked forward to. Lets step into the waiting area, grab a  hard wooden bench for  seat and... Continue Reading →


I don't mention Westerns very much since honestly I don't see many with exception of  STAGECOACH (1939), THE SEARCHERS (1956),  THE WILD BUNCH (1969), both versions of  CIMARRON (1931) plus (1960)  and the Clint Eastwood Modern classic THE UNFORGIVEN (1992) plus a host of others. I do watch more than I think they just don't... Continue Reading →


This little  film was a programmer like so many of the  sixty minute pictures made  yet if  you watch many of them you can  find moments of fun.   GOLDIE GETS ALONG (1933) stands out for the curious fact that its stars the one and only Lili Damita or  as  we  mostly know here  as  Mrs ... Continue Reading →


We often romanticize the past, unconsciously editing out the unsavory parts of a certain time or event.  One wonders about the scandals of Mary Astor said to be documented in THE PURPLE DIARIES in which names are named. Odd since Mary denied she kept a written record of her exploits. I speak mainly of biographies... Continue Reading →

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