Studios would launch an actor, attempting to build them up in the public's eye.  It was this type of gamble or put an established  star in a role against type.   MGM tried  with Mady Christians in A WICKED WOMAN (1934), proclaiming her as a "brilliant new star:" only to find it didn't work.  The picture... Continue Reading →


Early talking pictures are absolutely fun to watch. You get to see  evolving processes and talent.  One can see the camera move away from locked framing similar to theatrical stage play to actors gradually finding their feet and voices.  Movements become  less  stilted,  voices  become less histrionic as the medium grows.   Story also evolves with ... Continue Reading →


The sun and fun of Palm Springs, California warms both the heart and the skin of those that go there.  Temperature is in the high 40s in some cases, and the desert around you makes for intrigue in places and people when the night falls.  The unofficial, or depending on who you speak to, the... Continue Reading →


This is a look at CONVENTION CITY (1933). It is considered a  'lost film" due to its content. Film has been censored since it first began as a kinescope show for a nickel. There has always been some group or groups of people in society that wished to control the message, the images, and the... Continue Reading →

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