Days accelerate today as never before.  You read a calendar and  wonder where a year has gone.  Lucky when you watch film you can slip into seasons quite well hence it was not out of of place the  see  the silent picture  THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (1921). The picture - while not a story concerning Christmas directly... Continue Reading →

HOLLYWOOD ADVENTURES IN THE BOOK TRADE: An Opinion on the printed word

Sometimes you just want to sit down with a good book. Not an electronic book.  Yes, they  are  wonderfully convenient. But a book is something that you hold up.  When I am lucky enough to travel to places like Los Angeles, I  find myself in  Larry Edmunds bookshop on Hollywood Blvd.    I am sure... Continue Reading →


The grind house / exploitation film sub genre known as  the biker film or teenage juvenile delinquent picture are fondly looked at today through a different lens.   What seems to be cheap, simple and  visceral entertainment capitalizing  on trends or headlines has become a retro art form; often vaulting these films to cult status today. ... Continue Reading →

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