I quite enjoy a spirited discussion on film and  Martin Scorsese ruffled a few tunics by saying “Marvel movies are not cinema.”   I have enclosed the link for reference:

Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain.

 Now, being a ‘white guy’ myself, I cannot help but see through the filter I have.  Mr.  Scorsese was correct.
The films lack the depth of the comics.   The Marvel comics of the  sixties were  vastly different and reflected heroes and villains  differently from its competition.  The original FANTASTIC FOUR, SPIDER MAN, X MEN, etc touched  areas of society not  seen before in the hero genre of comics. Any emotional upheaval in these  films is surface, and smacks of poor writing choices. The Marvel films are roller coaster  rides sprinkled  with moments of  brooding  heroes in tights  with guns.  These are not deep characters; however, some audiences may have a history with them from the various incarnations in their past.
This brings me to the ongoing problem in film:  the  Art of Acting is  suffering.   We speak in Classical Film of the wonderful performances, which, given their time were  quite on the edge. Hollywood history is  filled with male and female actors wanting to play more substantial roles than monsters, gangsters, sword swingers, cowboys  and many others. The public, also known as the box office, was the arbitrator.
I have often said that we  have ‘boy men’ on the screen who could not play tough guys if  hit in the head. We have some that couldn’t do an accent if they had a year to work on it (with honourable mention to Daniel Craig in KNIVES OUT (2019). Mr Craig does his  American accent with gusto, only faltering in a few spots. I  find it hard to  accept Leonardo  DiCaprio on screen with anything as there is  really nothing there. There is no  truth,  no effort  to  work. Hence I do not understand how his one note performances  get awards  and adulation. But,   he  puts ‘ bums in the seats.’  The more he ages  and gets a filled out face perhaps he could become a good character actor as now there is  distinction.  Please  learn how to alter  your voice on a constant basis, change your look and inhabit someone other than yourself.
That’s why like  the current adaption of LITTLE WOMEN (2019), directed  by Greta Gerwig, is a modern acting class on film.  The entire  cast shines on the screen, along with wonderful understated  direction, shot selection, music and color pallet.  The actor that steals the  film is Timothée  Chalamet  as  Theodore  ‘Laurie’ Lawrence.
The fellow  has  screen presence, movement, and  some  ‘Lord Byron’ looks that will go far.  Plus he can deliver dialogue other than one note slang.
 Everyone in this  film works well and is  given a moment on the screen.  The  tragic thing about this film is it may not make  money as ‘men’ are not going to it as  it is thought to be  a  ‘chick flick.’ I abhor the term.  Hollywood  did call them ‘women’s pictures.’  This film is clearly not.  There  no car chases (there is  a horse pursuit in the rain) and  no  rapid camera work of the  hand held variety in a  fight. Acutal. Simple. Story.
Film watching and producing has  changed  with  the  advent of Netflix,  most likely Amazon, and  studios with their own channels.   I hope it  changes for the  better as one  can get caught up in the method of delivery and forget the  quality.   The  “Medium is the message,” as  was  said  years ago  by Canadian Marshal  Mcluhan.  People get caught up in the actual sending, writing, pressing of buttons  and forget what it is they are sending.
I do enjoy Classic film  and the time, however, if we  don’t  watch out we will have none to look forward to.   It’s  unfair to  say this person is  the next Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, or John Wayne since the time is different.  Acting, be it Classic Hollywood  or  today, never goes out of style. When it is neglected, then that is a  loss.


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