THE STRANGE CANADIAN CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1968)  This story is one of the most filmed in the Horror genre: even more than Phantom of the Opera.  For many, the most celebrated version remains the 1932 one with the effective Fredric March from Paramount Pictures.  What of new interpretations of the story and characters? A television version was done in 1968, filmed... Continue Reading →

ENGLAND’S MASTER OF MENACE: DONALD PLEASENCE He is one of the faces you have seen many times. He makes the unbelievable believable. The ‘he’ is British born Donald Pleasence with a bald head, a penetrating stare, and an intense voice.  Fame would come as he specialized in insane, fanatical, or evil characters, including the title role in Dr Crippen (1962),... Continue Reading →

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