HER AGAIN: Becoming Meryl Streep By Michael Schulman

Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep by Michael Schulman (Author) Print Length: 304 pages Publisher: Harper Collins (April 26 2016) “Her again “is exactly what I have said when watching the Academy Awards and Meryl Streep is nominated.  Michael Schulman crafts a fast paced look at Meryl Streep –from her childhood to the role that launched... Continue Reading →


YOUNG ORSON By Patrick McGilligan

YOUNG ORSON The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane By Patrick McGilligan 832 pages with two 16 page photo inserts Publisher: Harper Collins This was my second excursion into the world of Orson Welles and was by far the most comprehensive to date.  My previous experience was with Simon Callow’s... Continue Reading →

A is for ALDO RAY

  I recently facinated viewed gruff speaking Aldo Ray in  pseudo noir picture NIGHTFALL (1957) Directed by Jacques Tourneur . The way this fellow moved with economy of motion, stood tall, and what was so important in pictures of that day is that he wore his clothes well. Ray never actually played football but he... Continue Reading →


    Summers are wonderful times to enjoy pictures - some of which I enjoyed during the TCM SUMMER OF DARKNESS festival on Film Noir.  The rain felt warm, the dark was comforting, and dialogue was so sharp you could shave with it. There is morning even in a noir picture -however desolate. I recently... Continue Reading →


  Digital power has brought motion pictures to a new audience.  The discs (or the next format) gives us all an opportunity to hold motion picture history.  The recent TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL in Los Angeles may have looked at first glance like it was going backward from that. THE RETURN OF THE DREAM MACHINE,... Continue Reading →


Film festival attending can be a mixture of working the crowd, finding what you want to see, and having to make decisions when items are crossed booked.  There are no bad decisions if you attend an event such is what is happening with us at the 2015 TURNER CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL in Hollywood. Hence, I... Continue Reading →


  One of the pleasures I get from writing about Hollywood as it was it is finding out more about some of the actors that don’t get mentioned yet give some startling performances. Warren William, most likely the personification of cad, scoundrel, swindler and non-repentant womanizer in Pre-code cinema, falls into that category. William was billed... Continue Reading →


It is not often I post about war pictures as Classic Film, so I thought I would put my boots in on the Otto Preminger directed picture IN HARM’S WAY (1965) with John Wayne and a host of others. Wayne crossed many genres, yet he will be forever remembered as the gun totin,’ fist swingin,’... Continue Reading →


These are some final thoughts from 2014  TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL that we were very lucky to have attended with media credentials. TCM festival goers stay for the end credits of a film. TCM audiences will often applaud the star of the film name on screen and their first appearance in the story; especially if... Continue Reading →

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