There are some curios that were released during the early thirties in those glorious days of Pre code Hollywood (1929 to mid-1934). The treatment of women, the institution of marriage and reverence to the Church, lead of by the Catholic Legion of Decency, are some of the subjects often under fire.   Hence that... Continue Reading →


    The British musical drama DANGEROUS YOUTH (1957) or THESE DANGEROUS YEARS (1957) represents two of my great interests: the film is an early rock and roll story and it is set in Liverpool. The significance of Liverpool is self-explanatory to the music history; my interest is in the city itself and the football... Continue Reading →


Stories about quick jabs and combinations get to me. Boxing has figured a lot in film.   It is a double edged blade as the fight game was depicted as a last resort for poor people or a dubious game of revenge controlled by nefarious folk that doesn’t end well.  It does not help that I... Continue Reading →


Rising out of this was the birth of the exploitation film of the fifties and sixties.  Exploitation became linked with the evils of drugs and alcohol, the pregnant out of wedlock pre code films and the cheap programmer designed to fill a bill.  Everyone has watched or seen bits of REEFER MADNESS (1936) or NARCOTIC... Continue Reading →


  People tend to forget story comes from a printed page, be it a screenplay treatment, a novel or short story.   Hollywood of yesterday was a fountain head of searching for the story in the headlines or the best seller lists. Today, film still comes from various sources.  Concepts can be re imagined or remade;... Continue Reading →

A Reassessment of DRACULA (1979)

Bram Stoker’s character has become Shakespearean in scope.  Each characterization fits a mood or time in society when the work or the production is done.   I approached this picture with some doubt as I had initially poor memories of it in the cinema.  Viewing it again on DVD was a very pleasant surprise. The Dracula... Continue Reading →


Hard boiled detective stories are lovely fodder for film. The dark streets full of grime, corruption and broken bottles and dreams coupled with spent cartridges.  This is the world of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer at its cliché best with all the trimmings of a blue plate special with poison gravy.   Bit over the top? Yes.... Continue Reading →

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