About Terry Sherwood

Terry Sherwood

Born in Ottawa Ontario,  Canada; Terry is a “Monster kid ‘, film fan and popular culture person.

Once worked in television as a commercial writer/ Director.

Writer of the SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET  site covering aspects of the Horror Genre from Books, Comics, to Film old and new.

He has previously written for WE BELONG DEAD and  MONSTERMANIA magazines, The Spooky Isle UK website, Horror hound and  Turner Classic Movies.

Published Book  of own writings titled SCREEN AND SCREEN AGAIN:  ESSAYS ON THE HORROR FILM on amazon world wide plus contributed to other genre  books.

Chaired numerous convention panel discussions on Horror and Comics

Terry is member of  The Horror Writers Association, Classic Movie Association and  Dracula Society in U.K.

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    1. Hi Sara…yes l was the one who contacted you regarding that and l handed it off to James Saito. But sure what went down regarding it. I would be pleased to maintain contact……cheers. Terry Sherwood. Expect a mail very soon.

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