About Terry Sherwood


Terry Sherwood

Born in Ottawa Ontario, Terry is a lifelong “Classic Hollywood” film and literature that inspired them. Once worked in television as a commercial writer/ Director.  Educated  with B.F.A. in Drama from University of Calgary in Canada. Director and actor on stage in many  Theatre productions. Have been paid summer stock actor and in Dinner Theatre Murder mysteries.

Reader of Hollywood and film histories plus many other styles. Huge fan of football, soccer, hockey, baseball, rugby, motorcycles, fast cars, music, leather jackets, and the pursuit of good food and drink. Strong interest in comics both DC, MARVEL and those  forbidden EC COMICS  before the code .

Gigging musician in orginal rockabilly band 13  STRIKES

Currently he is an avid watcher of the Turner Classic film channel and attendee of the TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL in Los Angeles and hopefully others

(Have been speaker /presenter/ moderator at conventions.  I am available as Convention guest/speaker on wide variety of film topics. Further inquires can be sent to glitterbest52@gmail.com)

A lover of animals, married and has a full time job.





2 thoughts on “About Terry Sherwood

    • Hi Sara…yes l was the one who contacted you regarding that and l handed it off to James Saito. But sure what went down regarding it. I would be pleased to maintain contact……cheers. Terry Sherwood. Expect a mail very soon.

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