Its summer time (IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME made in 1949) and that means  a  song in  some people’s hearts so why not enjoy a Hollywood musical. Take a  spin through the 1937 Raoul Walsh directed GOING HOLLYWOOD.   The one and only Bing Crosby and Marion  Davies are  featured along with  Canadian Born Fifi D”Orsey ( Born Yvonne Lussier  in Montreal Quebec) and Ned Sparks ( Born Ned Sparkman Guelph Ontario.)

D’ Orsey  has a wonderful musical number  that Sparks interrupts is one of  the  pictures best comic moments.

Bing Crosby makes  this picture  go with his crooning and  his presence.  Crosby was the  top selling male singer  in the  world then and  continued  even  as  rising star Frank Sinatra was  beginning to make  a  dint. Crosby was the  ‘Gold standard” in  radio play, record and sheet music sales plus lifestyle  with his clothes and  cars.

The clip shows  the  wonderful use of  crowds and   control that Raoul Walsh used in this song sequence of Bing’s character leaving for Hollywood.   This played a part in the action sequences Walsh was  to direct later in his career.

Marion Davies who was  William Randolph Hearst’s mistress was cast in an attempt to team here with the huge presence  that was Crosby and others in the picture.  Davis  does a credible job in GOING HOLLYWOOD  yet she appears  out of her  element in the  dance sequences.  She  tried hard and no doubt has  the best  teachers that money could buy to help.

GOING HOLLYWOOD (1937) may seem to be a spectacular musical in the MGM vein was  strong attempt at the formula by Warner Brothers.  The picture lacked  the MGM people behind the cameras and on set yet still worth a look only because it contains Crosby singing his heart out with ease.

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